Job Category

Language Teacher:
English teacher for kindergarten、Primary school、 Middle school and High school
English teacher for the university or college
English teacher for foreign language training school
Native English teacher for TOEFL、 IELTS
Subject Teacher:
SAT:Reading、 Writing and Language、Math、Essay Subjects Teachers
A-LEVEL:Liberal Arts, Business, Economics, Language, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Law, Media, Music Teacher and so on.
IB:Science Subjects and Human Subjects Teachers
AP:Calculus AB、Calculus BC、Statistics、Physics B、Macroeconomics、 Microeconomics Teacher and so on.
University Managers And Professors:
Most of the positions are higher management positions, higher professorships, and job qualification requirements will be higher.

General Basic Qualifications:
• Native english speaker is preferred;
• Bachelor’s degree or higher;
• TEFL/TESOL certificate;
• Responsible, outgoing, friendly, hardworking and easy to work with.