China welcome all foreign experts and other talent who come to China and support China's modernization drive.
They can start their own ventures in China and conduct various forms of cooperation. The Chinese government is working on protecting the rights and interests of foreigners by providing foreign talent with personal service that is up to international standards. And supply better environment for foreign workers in terms of visas and resident documents.China will provide foreign talent with space to develop and the necessary environment to realize personal goals.
The Chinese government and provincial governments have drawn up a series of talent introduction programs to attract more foreign experts to China.

Such as:
SAFEA:1000 Talents Plan)
MOHRSS: Project for Experts' Return and Settlement in China
SAFEA: High-End Foreign Experts Project)
SAFEA: Program for the Introduction of High-Level Overseas Cultural and Educational Experts
SAFEA: Program for the Introduction of Renowned Overseas Professors
SAFEA: Network in International Centers for Education in China
SAFEA: OEI for Disciplinary Innovation in Universities
SAFEA: Introduction of Overseas Young Talents in Cultural and Educational Sector
SAFEA: Special Programs with Universities Directly under the Administration
of Ministries and Commissions of the Central Government
SAFEA: Project for Chief Foreign Experts