Welcome to China!

China will provide foreign talent with space to develop and the necessary environment to realize goals.

        China is a country which is multi-nationality based on the Huaxia civilization and Chinese culture. The language is Mandarin Chinese as common language.
        China is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world. It has a long history, a vast territory, a large number of nationalities and a long cultural history. It is rich and colorful, occupies an important position in the world cultural system, and has colorful folk culture and tradition. Art forms include poetry, opera, calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting. The Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Qingming Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chung Yeung Festival are important traditional festivals in China.
        In recent years, China's economy has grown steadily and has been heating up, becoming the world's most watched economy. At the same time, China is driving growth with innovation. The Chinese government is encouraging people to set up businesses and engage in innovation, mobilizing enthusiasm and creativity in all sections of society, so as to transform China from dependence on natural to human resources. Cooperation not only embodies friendship between the Chinese people and the people of other countries, but helps maintain world peace and promotes common development.
        China welcomes all foreign experts and other talent who come to China and support China's modernization drive. They can start their own ventures in China and conduct various forms of cooperation. China's education is also constantly reforming and improving, to strengthen foreign cooperation and exchanges, and enhance the integration of traditional and international education. In the introduction and development of foreign talent, the Government is also more active and open by implementing more effective personnel policy to attract more talents from abroad to China, to achieve mutual benefits and win-win situation. The Chinese government is working on protecting the rights and interests of foreigners by providing foreign talent with personal service that is up to international standards. And supply a better environment for foreign workers in terms of visas and residence documents. China will provide foreign talent with space to develop and the necessary environment to realize personal goals.
        China is an open country, welcome to China!

Many schools and institutions want to recruit professional foreign teachers!

Language is the most important communication tool of human beings. People use language to preserve and transmit the human civilization. Language open the door for Chinese children to the world.

Beijing Royal School

Beijing Royal School is the first Sino-foreign cooperative school in China approved by Beijing Education Commission in 2003. After more than ten years, the school has sucessfully integrated the traditional and international education.

Beijing International School of the 21st century

Beijing International School of the 21st century was founded in 1993. It is the first "Government make the policy, Enterprise supply the funds, Expert manage the school" with international characteristics of the boarding system of new schools.

Beijing No.50 Middle School

Beijing No. 50 Middle School was founded in 1953. It is the Beijing Municipal Demonstration Middle School.